The secretary of the University Extension Gheorgheni is Edit Almásy.

The public relations program is from 9 to 12. For optimum solution of various requests, there are only 2 people allowed into the secretary’s office.

It is important to know that the secretary’s office ads (the list of scholarships, the student books situation etc.) will always be displayed on the notice board in the corridor. Please consult these before asking in the office.

The tuition fee, the re-examination along with other fees are all made through postal order, using the identification data below and also specifying the type of the fee (tuition fee, re-examination fee etc.).

BN Trezoreria Cluj-Napoca, Universitatea Babeş-Bolyai Cluj
Cod fiscal 4305849
Cont IBAN RO35TREZ21620F330500XXXX
The tuition fee is 3200 RON for the students. The tuition fee must be paid in installments by the following deadlines: 15th of October, the 1st installment; 15th of December, the 2nd installment; 15th of March, the 3rd installment; 15th of May, the 4th installment. For the delays, a 0.07% per day interest is charged. If the entire fee is paid before the 15th of October, you get a 10% discount.
The re-examination fee is calculated according to the credit numbers associated to each course. The credit point value is 40RON. The number of credits associated to each course can be found in the Curriculum menu. The proof of payment of the re-examination fee must be submitted to the Secretary’s Office before the exam..