Since 1997 the “Babeș-Bolyai” University has assumed the responsibility to extend, as an educational network, through the Higher Education in Transylvania project, beyond the borders of Cluj-Napoca City. Thus it was created the possibility to offer education of academic level in several towns, and Gheorgheni being among the first ones.

At first, these institutions functioned at college levels, “University Colleges” and since 2005 – after introducing the Bologna System –, as “University Extensions” offering bachelor degree studies, similar to those in Cluj-Napoca.

The University Extension in Gheorgheni was founded in 1997 as the first University College of “Babeș-Bolyai” University located outside of Cluj-Napoca City. Its functioning is coordinated by the Faculty of Geography.


This university extension is specialized in the Geography of Tourism , in which there are two study lines, in Romanian and in Hungarian, acquiring the technical terms in Romanian being assured for the Hungarian line too. The number of places for candidates is allocated for each study line. Though the number of places varies each year, the total number of students is around 300. In addition to budget places (free of charge), there are also places in a fee, for both study lines.

In our institution function only acknowledged and authorized specializations by the Ministry of Education; the bachelor level is confirmed by the Government Decision 966/2011 (published in the Official Journal of Romania nr. 697/01.10.2011) and the masters level education, by the Ministry Order 4630/2010 (published in the Official Journal of Romania 595/23.08.2010).

In parallel with the chosen specialization the students may opt also for the pedagogic module, and after its successful completion they can activate as specialty teachers, with a diploma for that.

As part of the curricula and offering the possibility of fun learning, in every year there are organized field trips to visit important tourism landmarks, both in the country and abroad.

Starting the academic year 2009/2010 we have extended the range of education by introducing the Masters studies, with the specialization in Ecotourism and Sustainable Development , for the time only in Hungarian.


When the University Extension Gheorgheni was founded, there were only two local teachers; today their number reached ten, all with Ph.D. The educational infrastructure consists in three individual buildings, of which Csiky Dénes Amphitheatre which is also fitted with videoconference equipment. Here we can organize direct audio and video connections with the center in Cluj-Napoca or with other universities in the world which have this technology. In the last few years all the classrooms were modernized, a new computers laboratory was fitted with a new line of computers, which offers the possibility of learning, at the highest level, for all the study subjects needing informational space and support.

The library of the University Extension Gheorgheni has more than 7000 volumes, offering also the possibility to access the catalogues of the libraries in the country through the intranet system.

As part of “Babeș-Bolyai” University, the University Extension Gheorgheni is present in all its agreements and contracts. The Extension has also its bilateral connections with different universities from Hungary, Egypt and Israel. These connections create the premises of international scientific research, offering also the possibility for students in perfecting their professional practice.